Robokids have added Lego Spike Essential to their educational lessons for schools and community service centres. Robokids Spike Essential lessons have been purposefully written to align with national and specific state curriculum outcomes. It is an excellent addition to our robot fleet. It’s an exciting hands-on solution for Kinder/Foundation – Year 3 that uses playful learning experiences to engage primary school students in STEAM learning, putting them on the path to becoming resilient, independent thinkers.

Spike Essential uses Icon (K – Year 2 ) and word-based block coding (Years 2 – 3) similar to scratch with simple hardware, it is a hands-on creative kit that encourages students to investigate STEM concepts while contributing to literacy, math’s, and social-emotional skills development. A variety of age-appropriate tools helps students develop into independent STEM thinkers.

Spike Essential further develops computational thinking skills, including creating and modifying sequences, testing, debugging, and using loops. Our Robokids lessons facilitate critical thinking through an enquiry-based learning process. We have a single lesson through to 5 lesson modules for each school year from K – 3.