What an amazing Semester we have had at Robokids, here are x 2 teacher testimonial videos and a summary of our outstanding teacher, team leaders, AP’s and principal survey results.

Much better than expected: 100% of all teachers rated 5/5
Consistent evidence of alignment to the curriculum: 100% of all teachers rated 5/5
How likely are you to recommend it to the staff at other schools? 100% of all teachers rated 10/10
Favourite Aspect of the workshops:
  • That the content links to our other KLAs we are studying in class and that the class is engaged.
  • Lots of great hands-on, building and coding activities
  • The program is clear and easy for students to follow. The resources are organised and ready to use.
  • Seeing students collaborating to problem solve. Students’ confidence grow over the three sessions so they take more risks and become more resilient when faced with obstacles.
  • Hannah McPherson Cammeray PS: “It was fantastic. The class loved it and were very engaged”
  • Andrew Salmond- Hills Grammar: “All the students were thoroughly engaged – lots of great reference to the Forces unit we’ve been studying in class.”
  • Jo Fullham Barwell Park PS: “Robokids workshops are always stimulating. Students are encouraged to use their critical thinking skills”
  • Amy Tickle: The Pittwater House Schools: “Robokids enriches the Early Stage 1 Science Syllabus and provides students with extremely engaging, hands on activities which they absolutely love.”