Book After School Robotics Programs for Your students

We have the perfect robotics program to implement for your after school learning programs.

With exciting programs, coding, robotics and more, our after-school sessions are just what the parents ordered! Experienced teachers, professionally delivered and exciting opportunities to meet new friends and reconnect with others, our team would love to provide you with workshops to keep the students busy with activities during your after-school periods.

Did you know that:
  • We have 85% rebooking rate from previous client schools.
  • 100% of participants recommend us to their friends and family members.
  • Our after-school programs are aligned with the Australian Digital Technologies syllabus.
  • All our trainers are certified and experienced.

  • We ensure whatever students learn here helps in their future education and career.

  • Term or semester based programs starting from $27.50 per lesson (ex GST)
  • For NSW schools we are certified as a “Creative Kids Provider” enabling $100 to be used from the NSW government per year, per child.

“Fabulous, loved watching the students create, make, and innovate. The sequencing of activities was marvellous. Thoroughly recommend this workshop to any educator. The workshop exceeded my expectations which does not happen often.”

Curl Curl Public School

Give your students an opportunity to dive deep into the world of technology through one of our after school learning programs that allow students to stay up to date with the latest technology through highly relevant and age-appropriate tools.

The after school program will facilitate students’ development of new skills and improve their critical thinking.

It is vital for students to stimulate their digital capacities in a challenging, hands-on environment. Our workshops will build confidence and capabilities so students can flourish and work at their own pace. We differentiate our programs.

Fun and Educational Robotics for Students

Students will design, build, create and code in every lesson. All student abilities are catered for.

Robots used;

  • Kinder Bee Bot, Botzee or Lego WeDo
  • Years 1 – 2 Lego WeDo 2.0
  • Years 3 – 4 Lego Spike Prime
  • Years 5 + Lego Spike Prime or EV3 Mindstorms
after school learning robotics programs

We’re All About Our Little People, Learning & Having Fun!

after school learning programs

We bring everything right to your location, including all of our own robots, laptops, iPads and software, allowing one robot and laptop or iPad for every two students.

We really do have something for everyone and every age, so if you’re considering offering after-school programs at your school enrol now!

We have provided awarding winning robotics workshops to over 150 000 students. If you have questions regarding our after-school programs, you can contact us via the link below.