About RoboKids Australia

Robokids bring the world of STEM education programs through robotics workshops for Australian schools.

Robokids implement a cross curricula, problem solving approach integrating the Digital Technologies, Science and Maths syllabuses; developing critical thinking, creativity, curiosity and resilience.

stem education programs
stem education programs


Together with our Robokids programs your students will develop the necessary capacities and skills to create a better world.

  • 95% of our principals and teachers recommend our programs to their peers.
  • We have an NPS of 86 with no detractors.
  • We address the current gender equity gap in STEM careers.
  • Our business has completed the 2 month Direct Practical Coaching Program for Mental Health.
  • 70% of our girls surveyed from K- 6 would elect robotics if it were offered in their school.
  • We attract a rebooking rate of over 85% with our clients.

Robokids vision is an Australia where every young person leaves school with the innovation and technological skills that they need to thrive in their everchanging, automated world that lies ahead of them.

Our STEM education programs robotics workshops, designed by experienced and qualified teachers for schools & education services, engage your students in 21st century learning with the latest technology, helping them become the innovative and creative problem solvers that the world needs. We have taught robotics across to over 100 000 teachers and students in schools and children’s services.

Our team keeps growing, we have won awards, including the CBA Women in Focus Leadership Award, and being nominated for Telstra’s Businesswomen of the Year. Plus, we have partnered with amazing groups like PWC, Education Changemakers, CBA, and recently selected for a second time to work closely with Toyota for a 3-year project across Melbourne and Sydney.

We are more passionate than ever about the importance of teaching STEM education programs robotics and coding. Robokids is part of the EdTech Australian Vietnam Innovation Exchange hosted by EduGrowth. We are proud to be part of this exciting initiative. EduGrowth are connecting EdTech entrepreneurs and education institutions in Australia and Vietnam.

Robokids brings the world of robotics and coding to education, we run;

  • Immersion workshops in schools, which align to national and state education standards, from Preschool through to Year 8
  • Teacher Professional Development workshops, which facilitate teacher digital capacities.
  • As well as after school & holiday programs

We implement a cross curricula, problem solving approach integrating the Digital Technologies, English, Science and Maths syllabuses. We are preparing Australia’s first innovation generation for their future by creating the shift from digital users to digital creators, fostering computational thinking which underpins much of our modern society, while developing, critical thinking, creativity, curiosity and resilience.

STEM Equity Evaluation Portal

Robokids is involved in the STEM Equity Evaluation Portal which is an initiative from the Australian Government’s Women in STEM Ambassador. It’s an online evaluation tool and repository for STEM equity programs. Robokids will be sharing their findings to support the collective goal achieving equity in STEM in Australia.

We’re All About Our Little People, Learning & Having Fun!

Our Mission

At Robokids, our mission is to nurture and grow Australia’s future innovators, problem solvers and industry leaders. We believe that it is essential to capture children’s interest in robotics as early as preschool to develop their skills from an early age.

Our core values are to ensure gender disparity in STEM education programs careers is addressed and those schools who are currently underrepresented do not remain so.

Together, with our Robokids programs your students will develop the necessary innovative skills to create a better world.