Robokids NSW and VIC: Merry Christmas

What an amazing year we have had here at Robokids, we achieved our yearly goal to increase our incursions by 25%. After 2 very testing COVID years due to restrictions and school shutdowns it has been reassuring to have had a full year without any interruptions in all of our NSW and Victorian schools. We have exceeded our 2022 client expectations as well as having rebooked 95% of our current client base both NSW & VIC for 2023. Schools being so impressed with our connection to Science and DT curriculum they have extended our modules and commitment with their STEM Robotic program Our team is growing as we onboard new robots for 2023. During our December conference we will be writing new modules for our new fleets of robots. One of our core values is to ensure we provide the very best of robotic technology on offer to engage and extend your students. As a result of being one of the leading STEM companies in Australia we are continually being approached by robotic companies to test their products.

Our operations team has been flat out responding to new school enquiries. We are super excited and thankful with what lies ahead. Peter Michalski, our CEO of Robokids Melbourne has been busy connecting with new client schools in VIC as well as our Robokids NSW directors Peter and Melissa Clark scheduling the NSW 2023 calendars.