Teacher Professional Development and 10 week Robotic units needed overhauling and developing

School Issue:

Oxford Falls Grammar School had robotic resources to teach their students robotics and coding.

Year 6 and Year 3 teachers at Oxford Falls Grammar School needed 10 week robotic lesson plans for their Science and Technology units. The Year 6 teachers wanted to introduce Scratch coding to replace their current unit based on block coding. A complete review of the current unit was needed which required upskilling the staff with the new Scratch app as well as rewriting their current unit to ensure it harnessed student development and graduated difficulty as each lesson progressed. The year 3 teachers needed an overhaul of their unit. A few of the Year 3 staff were new to the school and had little coding experience, professional development and with little digital capacity to teach their units.

Solution Provided:

Robokids provided a 10 week lesson plan for Year 6 and another 10 week unit for the Year 3 teachers to implement into their Scope and Sequence program. We designed 10 week scaffolds which provided;

  • Weekly Videos connecting robotics used in industry
  • Weekly lesson plans with specific coding solutions, student robotic challenges to solve as well as student differentiation options
  • Assessment rubrics aligned to their reporting outcomes and the Science and Technology syllabus

Robokids provided teacher professional development which enabled confident teacher delivery of the units.

The Outcome:

Oxford Falls Year 6 and Year 3 teachers increased their digital capacities. Apprehension and uncertainty were transformed to confidence and excitement for the upcoming 10 week robotics coding units. Robokids provided comprehensive two 10 week lesson plans, one for Year 6 and another for Year 3 which included, videos connected to industry robotics, robotics challenges to solve, coding solutions for every challenge, coding challenges for student differentiation and an assessment rubric which aligned to their reporting and Science and Technology outcomes. The staff now had the opportunity to begin the program with confidence, had a well planned and connected unit and were all very much looking forward to teaching the following term.