Northern New South Wales Primary Schools

School Issue:

School communities in Northern NSW were devastated by flooding in Feb 2022. Schools were displaced, classrooms still being rebuilt, teaching resources destroyed. Teachers, students and families continue to endure financial and emotional hardship. Students were split among nearby school campuses, teacher resources ruined. Communities experienced huge amounts of trauma, children not wanting to come to school, often frightened from what they have witnessed. Layers of trauma are still unfolding.

Solution Provided:

Toyota provided the funding for the 2022 Robokids STEM program in these communities. All principals confirmed their schools would not have been able to participate in the program this year. Schools have had to spend their budget on basics for their classrooms. Enrichment programs are not on their agenda. Our program has also provided emotional support and comfort. Virginia Pavlovich Principal of Upper Main Arm PS said “It is heartwarming to know there are organisations outside of our communities who care, this program has provided a window of light and joy.”

The Outcome:

Enormous emotional support for our communities from Toyota and Robokids. The program has provided much needed continuity for curriculum which is an essential part of student development and attaining educational outcomes. This opportunity has enabled these school communities to ticktheir robotics Digital Technology outcomes this year. Without this support the Robotics programs would not have been able to run in any of the 6 schools due to financial limitations brought on by the flooding.

Our teachers, students and families together share their heartfelt appreciation knowing Toyota and Robokids are behind us in our recovery. It is also enabling our communities to come together in a joyful environment, which is amazing considering we are still very much dealing with the fallout from Feb 2022 flooding.